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Horseware Ice-Vibe

Horseware Ice-Vibe

Under the name Ice-Vibe, Horseware offers special massage boots with a medical effect. With a practical combination of cooling and vibration, the Horesware Ice-Vibe boots promote the healing of inflammation and stimulate blood circulation.

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Functionality of Horseware Ice-Vibe gaiters
Through a combination of cooling and vibration, the healing of inflammation of the tendons is supported, the blood circulation in the leg is improved, swelling is reduced and dead cells are removed. For this purpose the Ice Vibe boots are supplemented by battery operated ice packs and vibration packs. These massage boots can be used with the vibration packs before riding. Then the legs and especially the tendons are prepared for work by the massage and the blood circulation is increased. This should reduce the risk of injury.

After riding, the boots should be fitted with both ice packs and vibration packs to cool the legs without reducing the blood flow too much. This should prevent inflammation. These massage boots with the combination of ice packs and vibration packs can also be used to treat existing tendonitis.