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Samshield Samshield Premium Leather/chrome

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Farve: Black
Black Samshield Premium Leather/chrome
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This product requires a liner which is NOT included with the purchase or price of this helmet. Liner to be purchased separately is under item 320117. Gorgeous helmet is beautiful to look at and even better for protection.

This Premium dressage helmet includes original Alcantara® for a microfibre, suede-like surface with a leather and chrome inlay. Inspired by premium motorcycle helmet technology, Samshield helmets are made of high performance materials to protect riders with advanced comfort and unparalleled safety. High quality polycarbonate outer shell construction is combined with a variable density polystyrene adjustable inside shell to provide excellent impact absorption. This ultimate helmet is delivered with the a removable and washable inside comfort liner with a clip system designed to keep the helmet in place and not tip off the rider's head. This fully interchangeable and customizable lining can grow with a young rider for long-term use. The ventilation system allows airflow to completely cool the rider's head without unsightly added air vents and inlets. The fresh air pushes the hot air out through the blazon and invisible channels and the rider's head does not touch the system. This allows for complete circulation without pressure or contact.


  • Premium level dressage helmet
  • Lined with removable memory foam for easy cleaning and ultimate protection
  • Inner foam can be added in levels to offer a perfect fit
  • Strong clip system holds better than hook and loop fastener
  • Attractive double front air inlets for optimal airflow
  • Superior comfort
  • Outer shell equipped with original Alcantara®
  • Genuine leather chin strap
  • Includes backpack for transport
  • With dressage chin strap to accommodate a low bun hairstyle
  • For regular neck part cut - Check item 304292
  • Meets CE VG1 standards for safety

Teknisk beskrivelse:

Outer shell: polycarbonate.Inner shell: polystyrene.

Produkt-ID: 319409

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