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Effax Effax Leather-Combi + Mildew-Free Formula, 500 ml

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Scandinavian Languages Effax Leather-Combi + Mildew-Free Formula, 500 ml
Multi Languages Effax Leather-Combi + Mildew-Free Formula, 500 ml
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The proven Leather-Combi power cleaner as spray & foam function.

The Leather-Combi power cleaner has proved effective for many years and is now available with a spray & foam function. effax® Leather-Combi + can be easily sprayed over the entire surface of the leather due to the multi-functional spray head or applied as a foam. The powerful and non-greasy formula removes stubborn and dried dirt such as perspiration and dust residues.The innovative, mildew-free formula of effax® Leather-Combi + has been developed further to prevent leather being attacked by mildew and fungi. The natural properties and slip-resistance of the leather are also maintained.

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